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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a "niche capital development" company for hard-to-finance projects that do not typically qualify for conventional or traditional financing.

We support all phases of business, including start-up as well as end-of-term financing.

We are pleased to now offer our services globally.

We only take on projects whose ownership is ready, willing, and able to provide the necessary work, effort, and financial support for the development of their project.

All types of companies and individuals can submit a project.

We receive a lot of requests for funding, and they are reviewed daily.  If all questions are not answered through the web portal forms, Michigan Secure Capital Group cannot review any documentation regarding business development or capital development. Please be sure to answer all questions and submit all requested documents to ensure your request is processed.

Capital development can range from one million to five billion currency units depending on where the project is located. The location will determine the currency and the denomination.

We typically worth with commercial real estate, business ventures, entrepreneurs of all types, technology companies, and philanthropic efforts.

We offer the following services:

  • Business Plan Development and Consulting
  • Financial Transaction Security Consulting
  • Financial Services Consulting
  • Financial Risk Mitigation Strategy Consulting
  • Technology Risk Management Services and Consulting
  • Domestic and International Bank Services Consulting

Our business office is located in Michigan, USA; however, we conduct business globally.

We have a combined two hundred years of business and finance experience.

Yes. Cybersecurity is one of our foremost specialties.  Every document, conversation, and interaction is protected.

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